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She was actually kinda sweet in that way, but nobody had the rocks to say that to her face, not even him.

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To distract himself from the abuse of his van, Kyle ran over in his mind what he knew about the old stadium; it had been a top class sports arena not too long ago, but it had fallen into ruin after being abandoned. It would probably seem odd to out-of-towners that such a valuable piece of property had just been left to go to ruin without any attempt to re-develop it.

You had to be a local to understand. The urban legends surrounding it were many and varied. Many centred around it being haunted; but by who, or what, was hotly debated. Other urban legends claimed the place was cursed, and yet others said it was protected by aliens from another planet; but the one thing all the stories agreed on was that it was best to stay the hell away from it. The police made a token effort to keep people out of it, but they rarely patrolled it anymore, most lawful citizens stayed away from it in any case.

The truth of the matter was known only to a select few; those who were Magi by birth and those who were trusted by the Magi High Council.

The stadium had been built over an area where an unusual number of strong ley lines merged before fanning out again into individual streams. This convergence caused a pool of supernatural energy to build-up below ground until its effects could be felt even above the surface of the earth. The power manifested itself in bizarre phenomena at the stadium.

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It began with freak accidents and mysterious occurrences during initial construction. The Council of Magi tried to have the construction suspended, even claiming it was being built on an ancient burial ground to get the land owners to build elsewhere, but the construction went on as planned. Once opened, the stadium suffered one disaster after another; stands collapsed, the electricity was off more than it was on, kitchens caught fire, showers turned themselves on and off, and the injury stats for athletes were astronomical.

Within months teams refused to play there, staff refused to work there and contractors refused to keep repairing things. Two years after it opened, the stadium was abandoned. The only things still being maintained were the security lights, which were supposed to enable police to patrol it at night.

There were eight foot security fences surrounding the perimeter of the stadium, but vandals, drug dealers and teenagers had long since cut holes in the fencing, so the place was essentially open to anyone who wanted to get inside. The place would be deserted tonight.

At least until the Demons turned up. They left the lights of the City behind and sped towards the light industrial and agricultural area that surrounded the Stadium. Kyle directed Gabi to it and they found that some of the other members of the SMV had already gathered. The stadium loomed large and ominous in front of them; huge openings in the walls that once allowed public access to the interior and now looked like dark maws waiting to swallow unwary trespassers.

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Gabi parked the blacked out van near the others, turned off the engine and threw Kyle the keys. See what else you can find out, she ordered, climbing into the dark depths of the van. Kyle shot back, throwing her a mock salute, and getting out of the van. He pretended to realign his neck, and check his arms and legs were all in one piece after the wild drive.

He sighed dramatically. You can be a cruel, cruel woman Gabrielle Bradford. You know exactly how to poke at all my soft spots, he lamented mournfully. He chuckled and sauntered off to join the others. A team of three was climbing back through a jagged rip in the fence and they quickly loped over to report the area clear. He touched base with everyone else who had already arrived; none of them had any more information than he did, so he headed back to the van to update Gabi.

As she stepped into the dull light thrown by the security lights he could see why they called her Angeli Morte. Angel of Death.

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She was dressed in black, toughened leather pants, a tight-fitting Kevlar-reinforced jacket and black flat-soled boots and with her hair tied up in a severe knot. She appeared cold, ethereal and deadly. Kyle knew just how deadly.

A Cat's Chance in Hell

She stepped out of the van and began pacing back and forth across the tarmac, stopping every now and then to stretch out or warm up her muscles, running through short sequences of complicated martial arts moves. He leaned back against the van and watched the members of the other Elimination Teams arrive and begin getting ready. There was a hushed, anxious kind of excitement running through them. Mind you, half a dozen Demons coming out of the Etherworld at once, was something you would want to throw the kitchen sink at, if that kitchen sink happened to contain a nuclear bomb.

Demons hated everyone, other Demons included.

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They very rarely, if ever, made any kind of attack in numbers over two or three, and generally attacked alone. Sure, they missed some attacks, it was impossible to monitor every inch of a city the size of this one, but when they said there was an attack coming they were right. He looked around again counting the SMV members milling around in an ordered sort of chaos. Normal Elimination Teams consisted of two Hunters, one Banisher; a Magus capable of sending Demons back to the Etherworld, and a Clean-up Crew in a specially kitted out van.

The Driver was most often a Werewolf but occasionally a Magus or Shapeshifter. Tonight he greeted all three of the other Hunters; Douglas, a tall Shapeshifter who knew more about weapons than he and Gabi put together; Matthew, a Werewolf, particularly welcome tonight as Werewolf saliva was fatally poisonous to Demons; and Lance, a very powerful Magus who could launch fireballs at you as easily as he could set you alight where you stood, he was affectionately called Zippo by the rest of the Team, and nobody tread too hard on his toes — not even Gabi.

The Medics he knew intimately of course, both of them had patched him up more often than he cared to remember. Gabi had resorted to muttering and cussing to herself and Kyle glanced back at her. He almost grinned, but thought better of it and bit it back at the last second.

Her vocabulary got more inventive in direct proportion to her adrenaline level. He started to get various weapons strapped to his own body as an excuse to keep his face turned away from her, as he remembered their very first meeting. Saying that he switched schools a lot as a child was rather like saying the Pope prayed a lot. His mother was a single parent, and they lived on the small wage she made from casual work on farms or in factories or restaurants, moving on once work dried up or his mother felt it was time to go.

When he approached his teens he finally put his foot down and threatened to drop out of school if they moved again. It was the incentive she needed to settle down and keep one job. She found work as a housekeeper for a wealthy family in one of the better suburbs on the edge of a rural, forested area. She and Kyle were given the use of a small, self-contained apartment above the garage. Werewolves needed access to a large forested area during the time of the full moon, and his mom had been a Werewolf since shortly before his birth.

Werewolves were often volatile creatures who struggled to contain their tempers, and were forced to change to wolf form over the three days of the full moon. Fortunately, the need to change was strongest at night, once the moon rose. Her supernatural strength made the daily chores easy and she was generally finished with everything before the bratty kids arrived home from school, minimising the chance of them igniting her temper.

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A few weeks after he started attending Parkhurst High he met her. Kyle had certain abilities that no one else in the world possessed, or so he thought. These abilities stemmed from the fact that when his mother had been infected with the Lycanthropy virus she had been over eight months pregnant.

She never told him the exact details of how she coped those first few weeks and months; it had obviously been an extremely difficult time for both her and his father. His mother had hoped that somehow the womb had protected him. Kyle still had no idea where his father was, or even if he was still alive.