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Schumann, "one of the most soulful and famous pianists of the day", according to Edvard Grieg.

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From left to right: The YouTube logo from launch until , featuring its former slogan Broadcast Yourself. YouTube's headquarters in San Bruno, California. The Jalisco Philarmonic Orchestra is an example of a large classical musical ensemble. London Symphony Orchestra , Barbican Hall. First page of Schumann's draft for "Des Abends".

Nikolaus Simrock , who initially published the piece. The Piano Quintet in E-flat major, Op. Robert Schumann dedicated the piano quintet to Clara, and she performed the piano part in the work's first public performance in Movement 1, piano part, mm. Names of some notes without accidentals. Bettina von Arnim as drawn by Ludwig Emil Grimm during the first decade of the 19th century.

In music, a quartet or quartette French: A string quartet in performance. From left to right - violin 1, violin 2, cello, viola. First edition title page. Log in or Sign up. Jan 28, Messages: Lukecash , May 13, Jul 13, Messages: I've listened to most of these and still cannot decipher whether or not "Le preux" is a computer or an acutal human playing.

And I thought Liszt, Chopin, and Rachmaninov wrote difficult pieces. This one is just beyond human. Lukecash , May 15, He was definitely a composer with many skins.

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I also wanted to mention that in his biography on the site the wikipedia story was used. That isn't actually how he died, but he was indeed stuck under something. He wasn't discovered for some time. Does NOT support transposition and midi-playback 05 2nd Edition,. All the other stories about his death are embellishments by people who knew him. A sad ending to quite an unsettled life then!

Legend Catalogue of works Original works Opera Sacred choral works Secular choral works Orchestral works Symphonic poems Other orchestral works Pianoforte and orchestra Chamber music, etc. Pianoforte solo Studies Various original works Works in dance form Works on national themes Pianoforte, four hands Two pianofortes Organ Songs Other vocal works Recitations Arrangements, transcriptions, fantasies, etc. Orchestral works For pianoforte and orchestra Songs with orchestra Chamber music, etc.

For pianoforte solo Paraphrases, operatic transcriptions, etc.

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Partitions de piano, transcriptions, etc. It will ask again and again until it gets something that is not an empty string. Applying the! In JS spaces in front of code not required - even line breaks are optional - we could write program as single line - indentation inside blocks is to make the structure of the code stand out - in complex code, where new blocks are opened inside other blocks, it can become hard to see where one block ends and another begins - with proper indentation visual shape of program corresponds to shape of blocks inside program - book uses two spaces for every open block - some people use four spaces or tab characters.

Many loops follow the pattern seen in the previous while examples. Then comes a while loop, whose test expression usually checks whether the counter has reached some boundary yet. At the end of the loop body, the counter is updated to track progress. Because this pattern is so common, JavaScript and similar languages provide a slightly shorter and more comprehensive form, the for loop. The parentheses after a for keyword must contain two semicolons. The part before the first semicolon initializes the loop, usually by defining a variable. The second part is the expression that checks whether the loop must continue.

The final part updates the state of the loop after every iteration.

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In most cases, this is shorter and clearer than a while construct. Program built out of statements - they may contain more statements - statements tend to contain expressions - can be built out of smaller expressions - statements after one another builds program - executed from top to bottom - introduce disturbances in the flow of control by using conditional if, else, and switch and looping while, do, and for statements - variables can file pieces of data under a name - useful for tracking state in our program - environment is the set of variables that are defined - JS systems always put standard variables into environment - functions are special values that encapsulate a piece of program - invoke them by writing functionName argument1, argument2 - such a function call is an expression, and may produce a value.

Write a loop that makes seven calls to console. Remember that you can click code blocks to edit them. Write a program that uses console. For numbers divisible by 3, print "Fizz" instead of the number, and for numbers divisible by 5 and not 3 , print "Buzz" instead. When you have that working, modify your program to print "FizzBuzz", for numbers that are divisible by both 3 and 5 and still print "Fizz" or "Buzz" for numbers divisible by only one of those.

This is actually an interview question that has been claimed to weed out a significant percentage of programmer candidates. The characters should form a chess board. Passing this string to console. Functions have a set of parameters in this case, only x and a body , which contains the statements that are to be executed when the function is called. The function body must always be wrapped in braces , even when it consists of only a single statement as in the previous example.

A function can have multiple parameters or no parameters at all. A return statement determines the value the function returns. When control comes across such a statement, it immediately jumps out of the current function and gives the returned value to the code that called the function. The return keyword without an expression after it will cause the function to return undefined.

This behavior helps prevent accidental interference between functions.

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And if you did reuse a variable name, you might see strange effects from unrelated code messing with the value of your variable. By treating function- local variables as existing only within the function, the language makes it possible to read and understand functions as small universes , without having to worry about all the code at once.

Numbers, Booleans, and strings are the bricks data structures are built from - but can't make much of a house out of a single brick - objects allow to group values including other objects together and build more complex structures - this chapter adds basic understanding of data structures to start writing useful programs. Story: Jacques transforms in squirrel from time to time - tries to figure out why, collects data to analyze it and to avoid transforming - cats can eat him, he finds himself in a crown of an oak - locks door and window, puts nuts on his floor, avoids touching trees etc.

Book written for programmers new to JS or beginners who want develop more sophisticated relationship with language - goal is to help to think in JS - show components and how to put together - not reference - book just contains really important things - not for beginners - love to write one day JS The First Parts :- - not about AJAX and web programming - focus exclusively on JS, web developers must master - not for dummies - dense content - don't be discouraged if have to read multiple times - efforts will be rewarded Italic for new terms etc.

Testing ground: HTML file testing page jst. This is its definition: Function. Worse, it is not permitted to use a reserved word as the name of an object property in an object literal or following a dot in a refinement??? A large class of numeric type errors is avoided - p8 - You can detect NaN with the isNaN number function???

JavaScript has a Math object that contains a set of methods that act on numbers. For example, the Math.

List of compositions by Franz Liszt

JavaScript was built at a time when Unicode was a bit character set, so all characters in JavaScript are 16 bits wide JavaScript does not have a character type??? For example, "seven". Once it is made, a string can never be changed??? Expressions: p15 Literals: p17 This description typically defines syntax , operators , data types , and built-in functionality upon which complex solutions can be built. Developers familiar with such languages should have an easy time picking up the somewhat looser syntax of ECMAScript.

As mentioned previously, you should never explicitly set the value of a variable to undefined, but the same does not hold true for null. Any time an object is expected but is not available, null should be used in its place.

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This helps to keep the paradigm of null as an empty object pointer and further differentiates it from undefined. Objects similar to arrays - both containers for collections of data - arrays are a type of object - but significant differences. Sectets of the JavaScript Ninja - 1st Edition YUI Test Zakas and Ross Harmes etc. While this state of affairs is being repaired, please consider buying the first edition.

Best regards, Stoyan Stefanov". Casey Reas - reas.

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Well, this is purely for amusement and there's no practical value to it. Only 3 logical operators that work with boolean values:! Used extensively when constructing conditions and loops Code block to be executed if the condition is satisfied Condition always returns boolean value and may contain: 1. The for-in loop is used to iterate over the elements of an array or an object , as we'll see later.

This is its only use; it cannot be used as a general-purpose repetition mechanism that replaces for or while. Let's see an example of using a for-in to loop through the elements of an array. But bear in mind that this is for informational purposes only, as for-in is mostly suitable for objects , and the regular for loop should be used for arrays. Exercises Learn it all again 1.