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Because of its close proximity to Southern California and Los Angeles population centers, combined with a Mediterranean climate, the coastal regions of Santa Barbara have become a popular weekend wine getaway destination for millions of tourists each year. A top somm is accused of sexual assault. Is the wine industry overdue for a reckoning? Yes, indeed. Scandinavian Wine?

Episode of I'll Drink to That! Today, Barolo is so well regarded by wine lovers around the world that it can be easy to forget that it wasn't always that way. In the aftermath of the Second World War the market for Barolo was mostly local, the area was poor, and families were leaving the countryside and often emigrating to other countries. And there were few legal standards in place Hello, and welcome to my periodic dig through the samples pile. I'm pleased to bring you the latest installment of Vinography Unboxed, where I highlight some of the better bottles that have crossed my doorstep recently.

This week was an all-red tasting session, with heavy representation Cabernet department with a few other goodies thrown in. Let's start with a couple of nice Pinot Noirs, the first from reliable producer Macrostie, who offered up a single vineyard Pinot from the Russian River Valley that had wonderful character and distinctiveness. Likewise, the Pinot from Cartograph showed the same sort of bright fruit Because of its close proximity to Southern California and Los Angeles population centers, combined with a Mediterranean climate, the coastal regions of Santa Barbara have become a popular weekend getaway destination for millions of tourists each year.

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Mac users can also just click the Perspectives on the Douro and the vintage Charles Symington on change. Fate is a fiasco A lovely reminiscence. Virginia makes great wine. But is that enough to sell its brand? Outside of the state, it's a hard sell This week included a few perennial favorites.

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Let's get started with the Smith-Madrone Riesling, arguably the finest and one of the very few Rieslings made in Napa. Made high up on Spring Mountain, this wine always delivers classic varietal character with a nice balance between fruit and mineral components, and will age nicely. Daniel in the Lion's Den— God rescues his faithful servant from becoming so much lion chow. David and Goliath— David has a giant problem, but God never misses an opportunity to rescue the faithful.

The Annunciation— Mary gets good news from none other than the archangel Gabriel—pass it on! The First Christmas— Where does baby Jesus "hit the hay? The Story of Easter— Don't you love a comeback story? Look no further! After sacrificing his son on the cross, God raises Jesus from the dead, triumphing over death and evil. Christ, the Good Shepherd— This reassuring tale reminds us of a loving God who guards us and guides us—even when things get wild and wooly!

The Big Picture Story Bible. David R. God was very sad that his children had disobeyed him. But he could not stop the consequences. Nothing will come easy for you.

Waiting for Christmas? Did you know that Christmas is the birthday of Jesus Christ? When Mary gave birth to baby Jesus, it was nighttime. Some shepherds, who were tending to their sheep nearby, were startled when an angel appeared before them. But the angel had brought good news! He told the shepherds that their Savior had finally come, and it was time to see him.

Soon, other angels appeared and showed the way to find baby Jesus. So, the shepherds made their way to Bethlehem, following the wonderful, bright star in the sky. Not just the shepherds, the three wise kings too made their way to see baby Jesus — their savior. And so all the world converged at a modest manger to see the Savior of the world!

It was a time to rejoice and celebrate. Once, Jesus Christ was traveling through the Sea of Galilee with his disciples. But soon a violent storm engulfed them. Water filled the boat, and it began to sink. Jesus was asleep, so his disciples woke him up. So Jesus woke up, stood facing the sea, and commanded it to be calm. And just like that, the storm withered away! What happens when you throw a rock in the water? It sinks, right?

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What will happen if you try to walk on water? But not Jesus!

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A long time ago, Jesus asked his disciples to wait for him on the boat while he went up to a mountain to pray. As the disciples waited for the boat for Jesus, a strong storm blew the boat away to the middle of the sea. The disciples tried hard to row the boat back to the shore, but to no avail. The disciples were worried about Jesus and wondered what they could do to get their master to the boat.

Suddenly, they saw a man walk into the water! The disciples panicked, thinking that a man was about to drown. But it was Jesus, and he did not drown. Instead, he walked over the water and reached the boat safely. Jesus said yes, as long as he kept Jesus as his focus. Soon, Peter too was walking on water. But the moment he took his eye off Jesus and concentrated on the waves, he began to sink. Jesus grabbed Peter and saved him.

Finally, the disciples realized that Jesus was the Son of God. It can be one of the best bible stories for kids to teach about Jesus.

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We have all heard about the miracles Jesus did. Want to hear about another one of his great miracles? There was a time when the disciples of Jesus still had a hard time understanding his miracles. So, once when they were in the city of Bethsaida, the disciples brought a blind man to Jesus. So, Jesus led the man out of the city. He then spat on his eyes and touched them. And there it was — another miracle.

A blind man who could now see! This is a simple and short bible stories for kids that will allow them to learn about the wonderful things done by the Lord. Once Jesus was passing through a city called Samaria with his disciples. Once in the city, Jesus asked his disciples to search for food. In the meantime, Jesus set off and stopped by a well.

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There was a woman near the well, busy filling water. Moses is one of the most important characters in the Bible. There are many wonderful short bible stories for kids about Moses. Here is one for you!

20 Bible Stories for Children

One day, Moses saw an Egyptian man beating a Hebrew man. As he tried to stop the fight, the Egyptian man was killed. Left with no other option, Moses had to flee Egypt to save his life. One day, as he sat near Mount Horeb, tending to his sheep, he saw a miraculous sight! The Lord himself appeared to Moses in the middle of a burning bush.

How can I convince the Pharaoh to let slaves go? And as Moses picked up the serpent it again became a staff! With complete faith and trust in the Lord, Moses left for Egypt to save the sons of Israel. The story of Moses will be one of the kids favorite bible stories. No matter how many times you hear the story of Noah, it never grows old! Here is the classic story, once again! Once there lived a man named Noah.