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The suspense was in how it would all turn out. I didn't like Merasen from the get go. He wasn't a polite visitor but he made plenty of intrigue. Newbold sounds like a nasty character. Anyone who kills helpless animals is a villain in my book and he just oozed stereotypical villain.

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His association with Daria was a mystery that wasn't fully explained even after her role in the story was made clear. Daria was a bit of a surprise. I didn't expect anyone like her in the story. I thought her story would end one of two ways so wasn't entirely surprised but it took a couple twists and turns I didn't think of. Captain Moroney was basically pointless but complicated the situation even more. MacFerguson also complicates the story. I figured out the mystery of the "friend" just before Ramses.

This is getting a bit ridiculous. The regulars are all back but the family didn't take David with them. Nefret plays a large role in the story but wasn't actually in it that much. It was a rough time for her even though from a distance it seemed like she was OK. Her letters to Lia really reveal Nefret's true personality and how much her early years scarred her emotionally. It was nice to read those letters and get inside Nefret's head for a change. Amelia was back in fine form, making plans and executing them while Emerson took on a supporting role.

For once he thought first and acted later while Amelia was the one pushing for action. Amelia's actions added some humor to the story. Daoud and Selim also added some humor to the story. I love them both, especially Daoud and I am sure Selim must be incredibly patient and devoted to Abdullah to put up with all the craziness. Daoud is sweet, simple and loyal. I really can't leave the characters behind and need to read the one last pre-war novel soon!

A surprise visitor from the Lost Oasis informs them that Tarek and his heir are sick.

Amelia Peabody Series In Order

They make plans to return to Lost Oasis. To their dismay arriving in Egypt that the secret is out and they gather unwelcome attention. The trip has many excitements and adventures. At the arrival Tarek is not there to meet and the next day Nefert is missing. Meeting the King they are surprised to find a new monarch on the throne.

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Rames leaves the group to find where Tarek. Amelia decides they need to find Nefert and all escape and joined Tarek an prevent a war putting Tarek back on his throne. All our friends are there Selim, Daoud, Sethos and several new friends they must succeed if so they can return back to Egypt. View all 3 comments. Sep 09, Joanne rated it liked it Shelves: mystery. I always enjoy Elizabeth Peters, and the earlier books I find much better than towards the end.

This was borderline for me, and though I enjoyed it, I did find it a little slow at times. Sep 06, Tracy rated it it was ok. The author's goal seemed to bring the characters into normality.

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In this novel, Amelia, Emerson, Ramses, and Nefret make mistakes and seem helpless. The whole reason we love them is because they charge in where angels fear to tread and somehow, though sheer force of will, they save the day and emerge unscathed.

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But most of this book is spent sitting around wondering what to do. Ramses especially shows a weakness of character and an indecisiveness that is certainly uncharacteristic. Since Elizabeth Peters was going back in time, I think she wanted to highlight that Ramses was just a youth and prone to error.

But she forgot that we've read stories of his youth and he was never indecisive or prone to error. Even as a child, he was quick to action and smarter and faster than both Emerson and Amelia. To sum up, the Emerson family still accomplishes heroic deeds in this book, but their dithering inner monologue is atypical of their previous fearless crusades. I command you to avoid it. Shelves: own , elizabeth-peters. Daria makes me want to puke. And throw something. And yell at Ramses to try to make him see sense.

And cry.

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Nov 15, BJ Rose rated it really liked it Shelves: series , cozy-mystery , audiobooks. I think if I had known that this was a look back into time, I would have read it before they were married and had twins, but it was still a good read. Actually, I listen to this series - Barbara Rosenblatt is such a great narrator! Jun 07, Kate rated it it was amazing. I think it is an acknowledgement of how much more real the characters became in later books so they needed more backstory and Former Loves rather than a great sweep of a romance starting at very young ages.

There is a rather disturbing love of smoking in this and the next few books and it breaks the heart somewhat. June My own revisit to the Holy Mountain is everything I remember - just a little too much reliance on my memory of The Last Camel Died At Noon, not enough Daoud and Selim, oodles of intrigue, noble savages, and borrowings of early 20th century adventure lit to make a thrilling time with my old friends.

I am reminded why I mourn EP every time I revisit these. I am going to have to start rereading at the beginning again so I can remember just when Ramses became the smoking hot star of the show and Peabody and Emerson rather cariacaturish. Oh Barbara Rosenblat, I prefer your readings to the voice in my head, perhaps you could narrate my life?

Guardian of the Horizon (Amelia Peabody, #16) by Elizabeth Peters

Feb 12, Septentrion rated it it was amazing Shelves: policier. A great opus in the Amelia Peabody series. Just know that the plot is situated after "The Ape who Guards the Balance". So it was back in time as far as the series goes but very great. Amelia and Emerson surpassed themselves.

Jun 29, Jan rated it it was amazing Shelves: mystery , mystery-series , bestbooks. Another great installment in the Peabody series. I read the series many years ago and thought I had read them all. It was wonderful to get back into the adventures and distinctive style of writing. I highly recommend reading this series in order. View 1 comment. Jul 11, Renee rated it really liked it Shelves: reread , historical-fiction , adventure , Rereading a favorite novel or series is like a homecoming of sorts, and I delighted in rereading Guardian of the Horizon this time around, ten years later.

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  • I haven't read Elizabeth Peters since her last published novel in The books that filled in the "missing years" were never that strong. They disrupt the flow and tension of the quartet. Unlike most of the series, like The Camel Died at Noon, the Guardian of the Horizon is an adventure versus mystery novel. It is of course over the top and ridiculous, modeled after the H. Rider Haggard novels though this one is lighter and more modern than Camel which was straight up Haggard , and because of that, it is a great deal of fun like all Amelia novels as it never takes itself too seriously.

    I highly recommend new readers read in publication, not chronological order. If done this way, I found Guardian of the Horizon to be a revealing book when it comes to building Nefret's character in particular. Though Nefret's actual presence is severely lacking in this installment, what is there and what one must read between the lines is most illuminating.

    When I first read the novel, I didn't think it made logical sense to impetuously return to the Lost Oasis, but for character development, I much appreciated it this time around. MPM never really allowed for Nefret to resolve the issues tied to her upbringing, but of course that is because both Amelia and Ramses are biased narrators. Nefret clearly had difficult, unresolved issues stemming from the first decade or so of her life, and I felt very bad for her at the end for with whom could she talk to in order to resolve her issues?

    Ramses and Daria irked me upon my first read. Now that I'm older and wiser, I could read his actions for what they were. It was very much a rebound, immature relationship. His declaration of love is that of a chivalrous, romantic twenty year old who is more in lust than love but so desperately wants a fulfilling, relationship.

    Audiobook Narrator Barbara Rosenblat LORD OF THE SILENT Amelia Peabody

    He barely knew Daria. Heck, we barely did. She was a rather weak character, even with Sethos's Big Reveal. It was a distraction in his long, unrequited longing and of course builds character.