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An electrifying tale of passion, intrigue and adventure. Translated from Spanish. If I had my way, it would be translated just a touch more literally when drilling. Yes, it will sound strange in English, but it works to get your head in understanding mode.

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To express I like Italians really say something like it is pleasing to me. So, piacere , translated as literally as possible, is to be pleasing. In English the subject of the verb to like is the person doing the liking.

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We say I like you or I like it or I like that book. But in Italian the subject of the verb is the thing being liked just like it is in the English rendition to be pleasing. So if we were to translate literally from the Italian it would look like this:.


While you are getting used to this construction, try using a me instead of mi just to remind yourself that you are saying to me. This will help you remember how to conjugate piacere. And so on. Not too difficult, right? After all, piace stays the same. How do I say you like me or I like you? Uh oh. In English it sounds a bit Yoda-ish, but this will help you, trust me. Ok, so now you know what you must do with piacere , right? It must be conjugated for io. Try it out at home! Tell your spouse, friend, child, etc. Do this throughout the day until it starts to make sense to you.

LEI : Forse a lei piaci.

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LUI : No. Tu le piaci. LEI : Credo di no. E poi se io le piacessi mi guarderebbe. Ma lei guarda te. LUI : Sei gelosa?

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LEI : Io? Tu non mi piaci. LUI : Tutti i suoi ragazzi sono stati secchioni. LEI : La cosa importante e che tu piaci a lei.

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Dovresti parlarle. LUI : E cosa le dico? Gli piaci! LEI : Come? No, non gli piaccio. Guarda, anche lui ti guarda. Meglio che stai attento.

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Noi siamo figli delle stelle, siam sempre figli delle stelle, noi siamo figli delle stelle, noi. Noi, stanotte figli delle stelle, siam sempre figli delle stelle, siamo figli delle stelle, noi. Like stars we are Meeting alone in the night Like two stars are we Listening to each other in silence. No time to stop In a race with no end That's carrying us away. And the wind will stop the fire that starts When I'm within you, and you're inside me.

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We are children of the stars Children of a night that circles around us We are children of the stars We will never stop for anything in the world. We are children of the stars Without a history or age heroes in a dream We are children of the stars Who meet to lose ourselves in time. We are like two stars Reflections sliding on the waves Like two stars Wrapped around the shadows as we love each other. I'm not looking to change you I know I cannot stop you You will go down your own path.

Farewell, my love, goodbye!