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Germany Unit Study

Label a map of Germany with major cities, rivers, mountain ranges, other bodies of water such as bordering oceans or lakes that are in the country , etc. We keep all the pages that we do, pictures of the crafts that we make ones that are too big to put in the binder , pages of information printed from the Internet, etc. Learning Objectives : Many Parents and teachers will need to create their own goals you can compare the goals at these sites to create your own depending on how stringent your requirements need to be.

But the Republicans and all those guys put Jesus on trial before Pontius the Pilot.

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He just washed his hands instead. Vocabulary : German language, useful words. Book Resources :. Watts and Kathryn E. Would be a great way to improve language skills. The special attention given to certain names has been prompted as much by their association with great art-epochs as by the consideration of their absolute rank as composers. The introduction of Chopin, born a Pole, and for a large part of his life a resident of France, among the German composers, may require an explanatory word.

Europa - Lernobjekte und Webquests

What is so interesting is to see this from a German point of view—this film was made to inspire the German people. Read several of the Grimms Fairytales and ask the children how they differ from the way they are told now or the way they are showed in the movies. Have the children make fractured fairy tales.

Snow White met seven giants instead of seven dwarves. Fairy tale Math: Use the fairy tale characters on worksheets with the problems ex: Snow White had 21 apples how many would each dwarf get?

You can also make a boardgame with all the characters and have your pieces move around an enchanted kingdom to reach the magical palace. Make a concentration game to match up the characters with their objects Cinderella with her shoe, Snow White with her apple, ect. Movie Day: As a special treat have a showing of a fairy tale movie and snacks.

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  3. An Erasmus+ project to promote the use of technology in the curriculum!
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The children can even make invitations and invite family and friends to the show. The children can help prepare the snacks.

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After the movie have the children discuss how it was different from the story they had read in class. The tour itself can be navigated by clicking on the numbers across the top or bottom menus on the page — or click the links at the bottom right of the screen.

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Play a map or globe game where you find countries from topics you have studied in the past, and now include Germany. Make index cards each with a different country name. If the child cannot find quickly, they can turn over the card, where you have drawn an outline of the country to help them. Use the country cards from above and make a flag card to play match the flags. Use countries familiar to your family from other studies.

Find a german restaurant, fair, or festival in your state to attend and enjoy the food. In particular, the project concentrates on object omission in children acquiring Polish or Ukrainian as their first language.


The project results have already been presented during international conferences, e. Its main aim is to motivate young people to take an active part in international exchange programs. In particular, we invite foreign students in Poland, both from Europe and other parts of the world, to visit Polish schools. During such a visit, together with teachers and their pupils, the foreign students create a project concerning their home country.

It is also recommended to approach the topic in a creative and individual way, e. In this way, the foreign students become mini-ambassadors of their own country abroad. Additionally, they become familiar with contexts not immediately related to their university studies. They learn more about Poland and actively contribute to intercultural dialogue. At the same time, EMS enriches the school curriculum with a new European perspective. So far three editions of the project have been staged, in which 19 students from different parts of the world took part: e.

German studies, Applied linguistics or German as a foreign language studies. The aim of the project is to combine concepts related to space and its perception with intercultural teaching, and to present real examples of how these theories can be applied to teaching foreign languages.

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The project is financed by LLP Erasmus. Our institute is represented by prof. Sylwia Adamczak-Krysztofowicz, prof.