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In fact, they are said to prefer the taste of children. Legend has it they can hunt humans by mimicking their language.

The 10 Most Terrifying Native American Legends

The owl itself is a symbol of death in many native cultures, so owl-women are essentially a walking embodiment of death itself. According to some myths, the Teihiihan were fearsome warriors in a previous life, resurrected as dwarves after dying in battle. Cherokee legends prominently feature this dragon-like behemoth, which is believed to have originated as a human, taking the serpentine shape to seek vengeance on those who wronged them. Much like the dragons of European myth, there are stories of men proving their bravery by confronting one of the powerful beasts, who are also lightning-fast and can devour a person in one bite.

Arguably the most powerful and deadly creature in North American folklore, the Wendigo appears in many tribal legends, but the best-known description comes from communities surrounding the Great Lakes region.

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Although scientific recognition of the earthquake hazards presented by the Cascadia subduction zone CSZ is relatively recent, Native Americans have lived on the Cascadia coast for thousands of years, transferring knowledge from generation to generation through storytelling Ludwin et al. The s was a decade of discovery of evidence for great earthquakes in the Cascadia Region.

American-Indian Wars

Tom Heaton and Hiroo Kanamori published a paper asserting the Cascadia Subduction Zone was indeed actively deforming and is likely to produce great earthquakes. Heaton followed this paper up with a paper about PNW Native American stories that inferred their people were impacted by tsunamis in the not too distant past.

Native American Creation Stories | The American Yawp Reader

In the s, PNSN Research Scientist Ruth Ludwin began collecting and organizing other Native American stories and traditions that seem to be related to earthquakes and their effects on the people of Cascadia before westerners arrived. Brian Atwater, David Yamaguchi and others produced detailed evidence of abrupt land level changes and tsunami inundation along the coast of Washington state in the winter of Here, with the support of First Nations Development Institute, this close-knit tribe is finding new ways to develop sustainable food sources, and creating opportunities for young people to succeed.

The Mohawk Story of Creation - Lee Claremont - TEDxPenticton

The people of the Oceti Sakowin Oyate are undergoing a revolution. After surviving generations of colonization, the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota people are rising up from the weight of colonial legacies and building upon the work of their Indigenous ancestors to create a brighter future. TahNibaa Naataanii of the Navajo Nation lives on the land where her family has raised sheep as part of their traditional life and culture for hundreds of years.

She takes pride in being able to raise her Navajo churro sheep and use the wool in both traditional and new ways to provide a living for her and her daughter. Home Our Values Impact Stories.

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Native American literature

Read Full Story. Passing Down Art and History at the Tulalip Tribes Generations ago, art was everywhere in the Tulalip culture, represented in its tools, clothing, food and ceremony.

Spotlight on Zuni Youth Enrichment Project In Zuni, New Mexico, Zuni children and teens are getting opportunities to explore their heritage, an experience that is increasing their self-esteem and helping them see new opportunities for the future. All Rights Reserved.