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Butler, who grew up hating reading, is the co-author. We brainstorm, and I just write as if telling the story to my three children.

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Butler and Peters, with the help of Canadian illustrator Neal Armstrong, plan to publish 26 books on characters living in the town of Spencer's Mill. Readers will help the character make difficult choices. There will be a character for each letter in the alphabet. Life choices Peters, who lives in Nashville, said five years ago she was assessing her life and how the choices she made, good and bad, determined how her life unfolded.

I thought with a book that had several endings. Children get to pick three story endings: Owen should not go with the two boys; Owen should go with the boys but not smash pumpkins himself; or Owen should go and smash one pumpkin so the boys won't call him names.

When something similar happens in our readers' lives, they can remember the what ifs of the choices they have to make. She read to more than children in Atlanta. The PA Dept. Still, Buckman sounds resolute.

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You might consider channeling your efforts to the Pa. Department of Education. HSA leaders say a PE waiver for student athletes would give stressed and sleep-deprived teens more time during the school day to get homework done. More than 3, people are now certified to teach his ballroom dance-inspired workout, LaBlast, and one of them, Gail Lazarus, teaches it weekly at Movement Rx. Movement Rx was a stop on his LaBlast holiday tour.

No wonder her office is decked out with mementos of her favorite team — the reigning Super Bowl champion until Feb. The principal of St.

Aloysius Academy in Bryn Mawr keeps time with an Eagles scoreboard wall clock. Stuffed bears in tiny Eagles sweaters guard her bookshelf. An Eagles rug covers the floor by her desk. Her school ID hangs from an Eagles lanyard. Along with a solid grounding in religion and morality, single- gender education makes St.

Aloysius a judgement-free place to explore and grow. Their voices are angelic. Another academy hallmark is its dedication to selflessness and service. Sister Margaret makes it a point to greet each boy — all of them — by name. At Halloween, boys amassed pounds of candy for a homeless shelter.

Butler Peter

Among other proud St. Ask sixth-grade homeroom rep. While the school community is bound by traditions, education is cutting edge. All students get Chromebooks, starting in 5 th grade.

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The laptops encourage collaboration and sustained online interaction between students and teachers, says social studies teacher Katherine Farrell. To keep students challenged, the academy continually expands its offerings. Courses in the works include robotics and coding, introduction to drama, and advanced writing and math classes.

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In the meantime, Sister Margaret will continue rooting for her boys in green on the field and her boys in blue in the classroom. Aloysius Academy, S. Lisa Yee. Bob Pflugfelder.

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Caitlind L. Felix Mayerhofer. Jon Scieszka. Comic Book Series: Spaceship Adventures 2. Minnie: Pop Star Minnie.

Disney Book Group. Focusing on what young people want, it will give them the services they have asked for and more say than ever before in future developments. Residents have their say on housing policy to give them more choice.

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