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De l'abolition de l'esclavage aux fitats-Unis. Nancy: Imprimerie de Vaguer, Copy: BN. Adam, Paul Auguste Marie. Vues dAmerique, ou La Nouvelle Jouvence. Paris: Ollendorff, Adet, Pierre Auguste. Authentic translation of a note from the minister of the French Republic to the Secre- tary of State of the United States. The gros mousqueton diplomatique; or, Diplomatic blunderbuss.

Containing Citizen Adet's notes to the Secretary of State. As also his cocade proclamation. With a pref- ace, by Peter Porcupine [pseud, of William Cobbett]. Interesting state papers, from Pres. Wash- ington, M. Fauchet and M. Likewise conferences with G.

Hammond: quoted by E. London, Notes from citizen Adet Philadelphia: Printed for Benjamin Franklin Bache, With a replication to the first note, by the Secretary of State. Philadelphia: Printed for J. Ormond, by Or- mond and Conrad t ]. Rapport fait par P. Paris: Imprimerie na- tionale, An x. See also under Correspondance of the French ministers; Fay, Bernard. Bibliogra- phic critique. Gustave Aimard was the pen name of Olivier Gloux , who is usually referred to as Aimard. He was a prolific author whose works attained such popu- larity in France, England, and the United States that he became more than a mere author and rose to the dimensions of an industry.

He was known as the French Fenimore Cooper; certainly he deserves a high place among the imitators of Cooper. He spent long periods in North and South America, periods which are said to total more than twenty years. His first visit to the United States was from to ; he returned again about Through his many volumes he managed to convey to the Old World a considerable knowledge of Indian customs and of life on the frontier.

What modern literary research has been devoted to Aimard and that has not been much reveals him to have had a sur- prising knowledge of life and customs in the South- west. His novels can, with certain reservations, be taken to accurately portray certain aspects of pioneer and frontier life. He early accused the Americans of imperialist designs, designs that would bring the entire continent under American domination. The usual conclusion of travellers: that we were in- sufferable puritans — did not escape him. The greatest virtue of the Americans was their conquering energy that was transforming a continent.

Virgil L. Jones has written in the Southwestern Reviciv xv, , p. The list that follows is, I believe, the first attempt to compile a bibliography of Aimard's writings touching the regions now a part of the United States. The total of his various writings is large: the NYPL catalogue lists more than 70 titles; the new catalogue of the BM contains more than entries; the catalogue of the BN lists entries. Both the collections of the BM and the BN have important omissions; nor can a com- plete bibliography be compiled from all these collections.

In the following list the original French editions are arranged chronologically; each original edition is fol- lowed by translations, chiefly drawn from the collec- tion of the NYPL.

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At the end of the list will be found several translations for which I have been unable to find the French originals, together with the several books in which Aimard collaborated with J. Aimard frequently borrowed materials from one book to fill another. For a more complete view of Aimard's productions consult the catalogues of the above-men- tioned libraries. Le chercheur de pistes. Paris: Amyot, The trail hunter; a tale of the Far West [translated by L.

London: J. Berger [? Peterson and Bros. London: Ward, Lock and Tyler []. Tales of Indian life and ad- venture, no. Les pirates des prairies. The pirates of the prairies: adventures in the American desert. Complete and unabridged edition. Phila- delphia: T. The prairie pirates; or, The hunter's revenge.

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New York: Beadle and Adams t cop. Beadle's pocket novels, no. New York: Beadle and Adams, cop.

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Beadle's dime librarv. Les trappeurs de 1' Arkansas.

The trappers of Arkansas. London: Ward, Lock and Tyler [?


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Tales of Indian life and adventure, no. Loyal Heart ; or, The trappers of Arkansas. Beadle's dime library, no. The Indian scout; or, Life on the frontier translated by L. Complete and un- abridged edition. Philadelphia: T. La loi de Lynch.

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The trapper's daughter. The trapper's daughter, a story of the Rocky Mountains. Revised and edited by Percy B. Maxwell [? The trapper's daughter; or, The outlaw's fate. La fievre d'or. The gold finders. A romance of California.

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New York: E. Long and Co. The original French edition did not appear until The gold-seekers: a tale of California. Lon- don: Ward and Lock, The prairie flower. Pet- erson and Bros. The prairie flower; a tale of the Indian border. The prairie flower; a tale. Revised and edited by P. Aimard's Indian tales. Paris: Amvot, Les francs tireurs. The freebooters.

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A story of the Texan war. Berger ? New York: Beadle and Adams, The border rifles. A tale of the Texan war.