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Utilizing a Multicultural Framework in Trauma Psychology: Highlight of Division Resources

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Racial Stereotypes and How They're Challeneged (Multicultural Psychology)

Richards, G. Race, racism, and psychology: Towards a reflexive history. New York: Routledge. Roberts, R. Perceptions of actual and desired role functions of school psychologists by psychologists and teachers. Request more information on the online courses Purdue University Global has to offer. To receive the Purdue Global Program Guide, including associated career paths, please select an area of study.

How can you support cultural diversity? Increase your level of understanding about other cultures by interacting with people outside of your own culture—meaningful relationships may never develop simply due to a lack of understanding. Avoid imposing values on others that may conflict or be inconsistent with cultures other than your own. When interacting with others who may not be proficient in English, recognize that their limitations in English proficiency in no way reflects their level of intellectual functioning.

Recognize and understand that concepts within the helping profession, such as family, gender roles, spirituality, and emotional well-being, vary significantly among cultures and influence behavior. Intervene in an appropriate manner when you observe others engaging in behaviors that show cultural insensitivity, bias, or prejudice. Be proactive in listening, accepting, and welcoming people and ideas that are different from your own.

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