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Vatnajokull ' 00" The 10, year climatic journey of ice formed deep within this Icelandic glacier and it's lingering flow into the Norwegian Sea. This programme was made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

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Information NB: This is not a contact email address, so please don't put messages in the body of the email. Twitter: chrisrwatson. Chris leads several trips a year in different parts of the world I could fly to Cork or Shannon Any ideas?

Regarding getting to the Skelligs I can't help you but have you considered flying to Kerry Airport at Farranfore? Ryanair or AerArann?

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Thanks Clauds. I see there is also an island arounf there called Puffin island, so one whould assume you can see them there too? I was in Scotland last month and I missed them As it turned out, the 10 of us only managed one lunch together and that was at a place called Boulevard cafe near the International pub. Otherwise everyone wanted different things at different times. Looking forward to a quiet one this weekend! I used to be a tour guide on the Skelligs and so have some info. Your obsession with puffins is quite understandable.

Charming characters they are. First off the Skelligs are not the only place to see these guys. As for seeing them on the Skelligs, you could go but they may not be there.

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They leave each morning to go fishing and return at about in the evening by the thousand. People are sometimes quite dissappointed when they get to the island and find them all out to lunch. Sometimes they stick around on foggy damp days. Anyway, to get to the island, take a train to Killarney and bus it to Caherciveen or somewhere. Fly to Farranfore if you wish. Not sure to get out of there though.

Boats leave during the summer months from Renard Pier, Portmagee and Ballinskelligs at about 10 in the morning. Eoin Walsh is a good guy to give time on the island.

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Journey time is about 2 hours or 40 minutes in a fast boat very wet, very bumpy. Lighthouse Keeper, Richard Foran explains how rocket fire used to be part of the Skellig soundscape — when sound signals were needed to alert straying vessels in heavy fog. Skellig Michael the largest of the two Skellig Rocks is a wilderness site and a designated Nature Reserve. The site presents a unique landscape and visitors must take care at all times.

It is a demanding climb and any person with health issues should consider carefully their own physical limitations before exploring this part of the site.

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Skellig has authority. Compared with the monastery the lighthouse presence is comparatively short nevertheless its history is, in its own way, just as fascinating. Early in Maurice Fitzgerald, Knight of Kerry, reminded the Corporation for Preserving and Improving the Port of Dublin that over twenty years previously the Grand Jury of the County of Kerry had looked for a lighthouse on Bray Head, Valentia Island, which had been agreed but suspended until the opinion of Trinity House had been taken. Fitzgerald also reminded the Board of two merchant ship casualties in Dingle and Ballinaskelligs Bays both for the want of a light between Loophead and Cape Clear Island.

Mr Fitzgerald was informed that the subject would be looked into.

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An Irish Celtic monastery situated almost at the summit of the foot high rock, it was built in ca. Legend associates its founding with St. The monastery survived a number of Viking raids in the 9th Century, notably in A.

It was later significantly expanded with a new chapel built around A. The community at Skellig Michael was never large — probably 12 monks and an abbot. Some time in the 12th Century, the monks abandoned Skellig Michael and moved to the Augustinian Monastery at Ballinskelligs in County Kerry on the mainland. It is not difficult to see why, for the entire island is one of verticality, constantly drawing the eye upwards toward the Heavenly Realm. It is part of a dream world….