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New Habits for Virtual Meetings

Way of the Wolf Jordan Belfort. The Pyramid Principle Barbara Minto. Show Your Work! Visual Thinking Workbook Willemien Brand. How to Be Heard Julian Treasure. Simply Said Jay Sullivan. Cross-Cultural Dialogues Craig Storti. When Daniel H. John and an afterword by Simon Sinek Jeremey Donovan. Communication Harmony Karen Phillip. No Hard Feelings Liz Fosslien. How to Talk to Anyone Joyce Bean. Louder Than Words Joe Navarro. Elements of Business Writing Gary Blake. How to Talk to Anyone Leil Lowndes. Flip the Script Oren Klaff. Review quote "This book provides unique and pragmatic insight into communication using videoconferencing.

In today's world where many are trying to define new strategies to deal with geographic separation and time sensitive issues, Smart Videoconferencing is essential reading. Janelle Barlow, Peta Peter, and Lewis Barlow have compiled not only the most intelligent and most readable book on this subject, they've also brought together the most extraordinarily useful set of tips on public appearance etiquette I've ever read.

This book may also be one of the funniest business books in recent memory. Many of the stories that accompany each of the authors' dozens of tips are so hilarious they'll make you laugh out loud. And the pronunciation guide at the end of the book is alone worth the price of purchase. I know you'll love this book as much as I did! Smart Videoconferencing clearly states all shortcomings people have encountered using any method of conferencing. If I had had this book five years ago, I might have had a positive attitude toward videoconferencing.

This handbook guarantees your results. A 'must' read for every executive. The book is cogent, informed, and very readable. A must for all businesspeople.

Smart Videoconferencing: New Habits for Virtual Meetings - Smart Videoconferencing [Book]

Application of the concepts here can save you untold problems from mispronouncing words, goofs on screen, and more. It is filled with practical, real-world examples that can help you avoid problems that others, even celebrities, have encountered. This book will make a busy executive's life immensely easier and less stressful. Smart Videoconferencing gives executives all the tools they need to look and sound their best in this new medium.

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Everything You Need to Know about Video Conferencing

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