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General Sam Andrew Zhao, the adopted son of the highest councillor and the protector of humanity's legacy, chose to seize control. The war in the heavens begin.

Stories of Genesis, Vol. 1

Outside by Darcy Villere catch hosted by Darcyvillere. The remaining survivors of the last Great War that decimated the surface of the Earth have taken refuge in terraforming plants that dot the globe. Thousands were interned as 'Insiders'; people committed to amniotic stasis, living out two hundred years in a virtual reality. The descendants of the few hundred people, 'Outsiders', who remained by to monitor the machines have ripped Cameron from the virtual reality early because 'Outsiders' are dying.

Cameron must stop the killing before it means the death of what's left of the human race and the wife he left on the Inside.

Stories of Genesis, Vol. 1 by Chris James

Panacea by Patrick DePippo Sci Fi, Thriller - Set in a future world where diseased addicts devolve into zombie-like creatures, a medical researcher must team up with his female partner to thwart a medical conspiracy seeking to profit from the sale of a cure-all drug. Is mankind looking for a new home or just exploiting the resources they find along he way? The crew of one scout ship actually finds something special but must contend with the Mutra. Paradise Ablaze by C.

Rob Dunphy Sci Fi, Fantasy, Thriller, Fire - As the Santa Ana Winds howl, an innocent man wrongly entrapped in purgatory, vies to end reign of the pyromaniac demon compelling the man's troubled son to set Los Angeles ablaze. Can he be rescued from the past? It's mystery, intrigue and romance. A great time travel adventure. Pickerman The Great by Richard Rivera Sci Fi - A dull as toast, military cook becomes the unwitting pawn of a treacherous general who intends to seize the crown from his uncle the king.

Pixie by Genevi Engle Sci Fi, Fantasy - Peter engages in an intense hunt for justice after the mysterious death of his son and an amnesic witness with uncontrollable power remains his only hope.

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It's a moving portrait of the artist as his own ghost whose brush is his own inner demons. By which he creates controversial tableaux variants that are part ritual, part exorcism, part taboo. His visceral Images showcasing the fleshy nature of ruin- engulfed in predatory shadows from his own dark unforgiving past.

Planemo by Ian J. Courter Sci Fi, Fantasy - Returning veterans must execute a final mission to recover a lost freighter and save a colony in dire need, but they encounter a remote, sunless planet with a horrible secret and hostile aliens.

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It quickly becomes a fight to survive. Planet Rock by CJ Walley hosted by CJ Walley Sci Fi - Haunted by a figure she saw in the eye of a cyclone, a girl discovers individuals creating brutal weather events and learns they are drawing together to kill thousands with a super-storm.

Planet Zinja by Edrick Joel Magambo Sci Fi, Fantasy - Trapped on an enigma planet of extinct manlike creatures, a citizen of Earth needs his way back home, but first - he must fight for them. The Plastic Factory by Eric Dickson Sci Fi, Fantasy - Grizzled combat veteran Whitlock and computer hacker Munz are ordered to locate and shut down an army of military droids programmed as experts in guerilla warfare.

Playback by Steven Michaels Sci Fi - A mystical camera that can video tape the past is used to solve a case of a missing teenage boy. Part noir thriller, part sci-fi fantasy, Playback is riveting story of what the past reveals about the truth and ourselves. Power Rangers: The Movie by N.

  • Live Unsigned Knowledge Part 2 (Illustrated) (Live Unsigned Knowledge (Illustrated));
  • Medialität und Realität: Zur konstitutiven Kraft der Medien (Medienbildung und Gesellschaft) (German Edition).
  • Stories of Genesis, Vol. 1 by Chris James, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®.
  • ‘Based on a true story’: the fine line between fact and fiction.

Praying Mantis by Vladan Stoyanovich Sci Fi, Action - In far future, human kind has conquered, colonized and assimilated the most part of the cosmos. But many inhabited planets want to be independent from sovereign of Earth Federation. Planet Coptos, in Argena system, far away from Earth, is in some status of neutrality, hesitating to join Union or Federation. Powerful "Agency" from Earth sends three cyborgs to make crisis on Coptos by destroying energy sources.

But cyborgs find advanced defense system, their ships are destroyed and one female cyborg barely survives. Preservation by Leo Birchley-Brun Sci Fi, Fantasy, Action - Set in a future where Earth has become inhabitable, Preservation is a about an unfairly imprisoned man in a large space station who is reluctantly tasked with stopping a power crazed politician from committing a mass genocide of most of the surviving human race. Prime Cortex by Jose L. Brighton captures him and is branded a city hero but Petrok's two henchmen, who manage to escape, have a different agenda and exact revenge on the captain.

After a horrific occurrence and then a case of mistaken identity, Captain Brighton is encarcerated in a prison compound where prisoners battle it out with giant killing machines, massive firing helicopters and other inmates in a survival of the fittest. The story then takes another turn when Brighton manages to escape the prison and tries to find the men responsible for causing his life to spiral out of control. The title refers to a program devised by a mad scientist named Strikehouse who plays a key figure in the story.

Action packed tale which leads to a shocking climax. He also happens to be the hacker who broke into almost every secured government databases all over the world. To make matters worse Max just hacked into something he shouldn't have, 'The Phoenix Project'. Now, unknown undercover agents from a shadow organisation are after Max because of this. He finally decides to stop running and figure out what all this is about before his chasers close up on him from both sides. An original forerunner to those two story ideas that takes them much, much further.

Prometheus: Paradis by Robert Finlayson Sci Fi, Fantasy - In the exciting sequel to Prometheus, Elizabeth Shaw and and the android David travel to the Engineer homeworld to unlock the secrets of humanity's past, and future. In the near future, an intergalactic race of ruthless alien beings known as the Stroggs invades Earth and kills millions. This starts the beginning of an all out war between the two civilizations of Earth and Stroggos.

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Twenty years later, an elite team will be sent into the heart of Stroggos to find a way to end the Strogg threat once and for all. He has a huge crush on Megan Ryder, a famous movie star Megan Fox and the sexist woman in the world. Sean meets a man named Robert, who claims he is from a parallel universe.

Robert gives Sean a formula that unlock the secrete of the multiverse. Sean makes pills that let him access the multiverse, and meets Megan Ryder's copy, who is a waitress in a parallel universe. Sean and Copy Megan have the time of their lives, visiting the most beautiful cities in the multiverse and making love everywhere they could think of it.

In the meantime, multiverse control forces warn Sean if he continues to teleport, it will be the death of a lot of universes in super black hole. Sean decides to see the actual Megan Ryder. Sean and Megan have dinner, make love. Sean gives her the multiverse pile despite the consequence Quantum Suicide by Josh Park Sci Fi, Fantasy - When a software engineer gets fired, he finds an opportunity to change his life forever when he becomes a test subject to explore other alternate universes.

Stories of Genesis, Vol. 1

She was born with two faces and wants nothing more than to be beautiful. No person or animal gives her the time of day until she meets a black dove who perches itself on her windowsill every morining. The princess begins to feel confidence and inner beauty in herself. The black dove turns out to be magical and blesses the princess with beauty on the condition that she must stay beautiful within herself. Until one day where Lukas discovers an ancient book that leads to a device of unspeakable power. It is the start of a journey for a new home that could end in success or failure. Along the way, these different groups of survivors meet up with some of the Wasteland's most hideous people.

Can Zetra and Connor make it to the Forbidden City? Can Alexa and Lucas fight off the terrible Carga? What will happen? Realm by Dan Tonkin Sci Fi, Fantasy, Adventure - Secrets and bad blood of a frightful legend corrupts a young soldier's strength leading him into the fight of his life as he uncovers the conspiracy that holds him key to the planet's harmony. Redwood: A UFO Story by Eric Dickson Sci Fi, Fantasy - Following a heated child custody hearing in which the father loses custody, a divorced couple are forced to share a ride home and are abducted by aliens.

When only the father returns safely, the local law smell foul play. A makeshift crew sets out from Mars to explore the mystery and grandeur of Rama. The exploration tests the crew to their limits in a place beyond their imagination. Based on the novel by Arthur C. Clarke pages pdf - Discuss this script.

Rendezvous With Rama by Philip Whitcroft Sci Fi - Rama, a vast alien metallic cylinder enters the solar system and only one human ship can rendezvous with it. Inside they discover an amazing world full of incredible wonders and great mysteries. Is Rama a tomb, an ark, an invasion ship, or beyond our understanding? The exploration reveals both answers and questions. Will the explorers survive Rama? Resurrection by Ed Earp Sci Fi, Fantasy - A troubled commander is put in charge of the biggest angelic war on earth to stop a powerful army of fallen angels taking over the world.

They meet and have the times of their lives. A beautiful Romantic story. This script is a wild cross between Sapphire and Steel and Monty Python. Just perfect for sci-fi fans who love to drink alone. Savant by Brandon Vega Sci Fi - Burdened with loneliness, a simple-minded mailroom clerk undergoes a controversial experiment releasing the full power of the mind, gaining unlimited knowledge and worldwide fame only to have his sanity questioned after predicting World War III. Tries to reach his girlfriend which is kidnapped and taken to a secret building.

A Seditious Ambassador by Mark Anthony Taylor Sci Fi, Fantasy - A Seditious Ambassador: forgiven for treason, a rebel undertakes a mission from Englandworld's republic to demand America's space colonies pay their taxes, only to find a war has already begun. Their mission is to prevent the murder of John Lennon, in the hope of changing the future demise of the Earth. Their efforts meet with disaster.

Twenty five years later,a police officer who met them realises the truth. Then the next thing he knows he's being hunted by people with superhuman powers. And it seems he has some also From then on it gets realyl weird. In his new life, he dives into the world of danger as Silver Shock, his vigilante alter-ego, fighting powerful enemies while unraveling the secrets that are hidden in his shrouded past, where the truth behind his resurrection lies. Singularity by Alipikre R.