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This is certainly true in , for a peace treaty has only just ended a war between America and Russia on one side, and England and France on the other! But the overall impression conveyed by the novel is that despite being politically independent, the Britannulans of , even Neverbend, still derive their collective identity from England and Englishness. In order to overturn it, they have recourse to seek the help of the leaders of the country they have just defeated in cricket. Hence, a ton gunboat rapidly appears, armed with troops and the weapon so powerful that the threat of its operation quells any resistance, and Britannula becomes a British colony for the first time.

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In one sense, the outcome here is in keeping with traditional motifs of romantic comedy, including those familiar from other novels by Trollope. That is, the marital desires of a young couple have been threatened by the behaviour of a family patriarch, but the young pair succeed in the end. The stakes in The Fixed Period , however, have been more than personal, and the prospective union of the couple is overshadowed by the political ramifications of the developments that made it possible, as the novel turns to the conduct of the new governor and the forcible return to Britain of ex-President Neverbend.

That circumstance, the novel suggests, is, depressingly, as true in as it was in , whether it is a colonial power laying claim to a colony, or any combination of nations at war with one another. And even were the coin to have the Southern Cross on one side, it would still be an English coin.

In The Fixed Period , the Britannulan cricketers exult in their victory over the English team, but call on their contacts within that team to counter an unpopular local policy. As a result, even though the British team lost their cricket match, they still win a new colony. Forcible colonization has been made possible by prior mental colonization.

The Fixed Period suggests, nevertheless, that the obstacles ahead might be internal as much as external, mental and emotional as well as practical. Trollope was aware that people might remain perfectly healthy well past sixty-seven, as his portrayal of Gabriel Crasweller shows. He also knew that death could be sudden, as it was in the case of his friend, the novelist George Eliot, who died in December at sixty-one while Trollope was writing The Fixed Period. I mention this because the elder son, Reginald, having followed his father into journalism, went on to write an article that was brief, but central to cricketing history.

Deeply lamented by a large circle of sorrowing friends and acquaintances. The body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia. Although this mock-obituary slightly postdates the publication of The Fixed Period , and thus had no impact on the novel, it would be interesting to know if Trollope saw it!

If he had been transported to the world of , Trollope would have found that Australia and New Zealand were long politically independent of Britain.

However, both countries continued to play cricket matches against England and other former British colonies. But the game had become more diverse in the kinds of matches played, as well as more overtly commercial.

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The most notable of these changes, in fact, had occurred shortly before , and their architect, media magnate Kerry Packer—was an Australian. Wilkes, Joanne.

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