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With the cartel controlling the police and army, and a population too terrified to do anything but their bidding, getting Mendez back seems impossible, with several lives already lost in the process. But one young victim, Melissa Warner, has other ideas, and asks professional bodyguard Ryan Lock to bring Mendez back to face trial.

And while he knows all-too well the dangers facing anyone going south of the border, he agrees to help her. This promise means even more when Melissa dies of injuries after being shot in an attempt to shut her up.

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Mendez is thought to be hiding out in Diablo, a town where murder is rampant and casual, where the law counts for nothing and where young girls are routinely taken off the street and killed for pleasure. Her future looks grim. With almost every hand against them, Lock and his partner, Ty Johnson, face an uphill task. Detective Rafaela Carcharon is the one bright spot in the sordid world that is Diablo. She knows what goes on, she knows who is responsible — and she knows the politicians and senior policemen who are in the pay of the drugs cartels.

But there is nothing she can do without meeting the fate facing every member of the police who chooses not to look the other way.