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I smiled up at present day Alex as she smiled back down at me. I blushed and looked up at her again, "Have you seen you?

Alex's gift to Piper

So did you. It then transitioned to Nicky and Polly saying their bridesmaid speeches and Alex and I cutting our cake together then feeding it to each other. Our first dance came up next and present day Alex and I watched as we squeezed each other's hands, remembering that magical day. Then, like at any other wedding, the wedding shenanigans came on and the romantic ambiance turned into a funny one.

The first shenanigan was when our prison gang tried to gang up on us and throw us both into the hotel's swimming pool as newlyweds. Alex and I won that battle though. Everyone laughed at this. Then Cal popped up as he was tucking into our wedding cake. Present day Cal protested. I was a proud father, it was my little girl's wedding day, of course I'm going to have my video recorder out. Again, everyone laughed as Cal pouted. The next one showed Alex and I making out in a dark corner.

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Even Alex was surprised at seeing this. We thought no one knew where we were or what we were doing. No one did so Alex and I looked at each other then said together, "Nicky. Vanessa being her usual suck up self then said, "Because our wedding is tomorrow honey! It'll be great to get ideas on how it's done. My wife would've been proud if she'd noticed. The next clip then showed Alex and I slow dancing and in the background Larry could be seen at the bar, ogling me. This didn't go unnoticed by either me or Alex as we turned to look at him for this.

Me not caring too much but Alex once again glaring at him. Vanessa hadn't noticed and was merrily watching the clips as they came on. Larry awkwardly squirmed until the next clip came on. Boo was in the middle of the dance floor as we were all clapping her on.

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Another showed one of my Aunts getting bothered by a seagull during the wedding ceremony and we all laughed at this. The next one showed our prison gang with Polly doing shots and laughing. A lot more transitioned then to finish, a clip of Alex and I slow dancing again came on and the director of the clip had zoomed into us as we kissed and said 'I love you'. That gift was beautiful. Both gifts were beautiful and I had the perfect way to thank Alex for them. I don't know what to say. I love them both.

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In , Disney 's Cinderella adapted Perrault's story into a movie, cementing it in people's minds as the story of Cinderella. One particular young lady took a week off from her starring role in the most popular play on Broadway at the time to play Cinderella - Julie Andrews in her on-camera debut. The bare bones of the story are as follows: A young noblewoman's mother dies and her father remarries a woman with daughters of her own, then disappears.

The girl's new step-family turns out to be cruel and vindictive, and mistreat her by making her work as a servant. This usually gives rise to a mocking nickname to do with her dirtyness in English, Cinderella, or Cinder-girl, covered in fireplace cinders. When the local prince holds a kingdom-wide ball, they refuse to let her attend, but she calls on a spirit helper usually representative of her dead mother who takes pity on her and outfits her for the ball, allowing her to outshine everyone present and win the heart of the prince.

There is, however, a limit to the spirit's help: Cinderella must return by midnight. On the second night of the ball, the prince contrives to keep her past her curfew, and in her rush to get away, she loses one of her slippers. The prince uses the lost slipper to track her down, and, once reunited, they marry.

Disney had initially shipped 4. Both editions were accompanied with "The Making of Cinderella" featurette. A Deluxe LaserDisc included the featurette, an illustrated, hardcover book retelling the classic fairy tale with pencil tests and conceptual art from the film, and a reprint of the film's artwork. Disney shipped more than 15 million VHS copies of which 8 million were sold in the first month. According to Home Media Magazine , Disney sold 3. This release had a unique limited edition number on every slipcase and an exclusive art card.

A 1-disc DVD edition was released on November 20, Cinderella was re-released on HD digital download on June 18, , with a physical media re-release on Blu-ray on June 25, , as part of the Walt Disney Signature Collection in honor of the film's 70th anniversary. In June , the American Film Institute revealed its " 10 Top 10 "— the best ten films in ten "classic" American film genres—after polling over 1, people from the creative community.

Cinderella was acknowledged as the 9th greatest film in the animation genre. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Disney animated film. For the live-action film, see Cinderella Disney film. For the franchise, see Cinderella franchise. For the character, see Cinderella Disney character. Original theatrical release poster. Walt Disney Productions. Disney portal Cartoon portal. The Independent. July 17, Retrieved January 10, Los Angeles Times. American Film Institute. Retrieved May 13, British Board of Film Classification.

Peyton and Piper

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