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Don't the debits go toward the window? An introduction to double-entry bookkeeping.

There's absolutely no excuse for this incident and the person responsible will be held accountable. While taking questions during a press conference Tuesday, Kraus grew emotional when describing the morale of the police department, saying while "officers are hurting" over the shooting, he has not encountered an officer who disagrees with the decision to arrest Aaron Dean. I'm getting the complete opposite response. This is going to help heal us,'" Kraus said. Kraus pleaded Tuesday with Fort Worth residents to not let the actions of one officer reflect on all employees of the Fort Worth Police Department.

They do this at great sacrifice and with a servant's heart.

I ask you to please do not let the actions of one officer reflect on the other 1, There's absolutely no excuse for this incident and the person responsible will be held accountable," Kraus said. He said he went on patrol with officers and they are hurting.

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Kraus said, "They're trying to build relationships and they likened it to a bunch of ants building an ant hill and then somebody comes with a hose and washes it away. Then they have to start from scratch.

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Kraus said Dean was arrested by Fort Worth officers at his attorney's office Monday night without incident and charged with murder. Attorney Lee Merritt, who has joined the family in several news conferences since Jefferson's death, spoke publicly again Tuesday asking for more information in what took place Saturday night. While the family was glad to see an arrest, Merritt said they were unhappy he bonded out so quickly.

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He added the family wanted to know where the breakdown occurred that allowed the shooting to take place, asking if it was a problem with training, supervision or with call dispatchers. Previous reports said a neighbor called a non-emergency number to ask for a welfare check for a neighbor whose door was open for several hours.

The call was dispatched as an open structure call -- a difference Kraus said Monday and Tuesday would bring a different response from responding officers. The officers, Kraus said, are not aware if the call came in through or by a non-emergency number, only how it's dispatched to them.

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I can't tell you specifically if it was a dispatcher, but that's something we're looking into," Kraus said. If they think it's just somebody left their door open, that would elicit a different response. Kraus' full statement from Tuesday can be read below. I realize that no action we take can replace the loss suffered here. I'm deeply sorry for what occurred. I've received so many contacts from our officers who want to express how sorry they are as well and how this is not indicative of the work they do every day.

Stepanov lost numerous ancestors to the killings in the s — many of his forefathers were priests — but that as not the only or the main thing that drove him to use the tools of the justice system he fully understood and seek justice in the form of a ruling that what happened 80 years ago was not the responsibility of low-level police but rather of the system as such.

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To do that, he brought suit in May against Bortnikov and Rossiskaya gazeta demanding that they retract their assertion about excesses as the explanation and admit that the state itself was responsible. The court refused to call Bortnikov and ruled in December that in this case, Bortnikov was expressing only his personal opinion and thus there was no case. Then, the lawyer in Stepanov asked that the court subject the documents to expert analysis and offered to pay for it himself. Clearly, Stepanov is planning to exploit them, all the way to Strasbourg if need be.