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Would you like to learn more about WV history? Army Corps of Engineers. As a result, the Ohio River reached 19 feet above flood stage in Huntington, and a total depth of This landmark case goes down in the annals of West Virginia - and U. This case, presided over by Chief Justice Harlan Stone above , overruled a case on the same issue. This was the deadliest tornado ever to strike West Virginia. It tore through the small town of Shinnston on June 23 at p.

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The tornado ultimately killed , and injured , before it finally dissipated in Randolph County. The collapse was due to a small fracture in a steel eyebar. The disaster is often associated with the Mothman, who was never seen again after that night, despite the 13 months of very frequent sightings that preceded the collapse.

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On November 20, , an explosion at this coal mine killed 78 miners. Only 21 made it to the surface alive.

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The event prompted congress to expediently pass The Federal Coal Mine and Safety Act of which aimed to put the safety of the American miner of utmost importance. On November 14, , the worst sports disaster in American history occurred when a Southern Airways flight carrying the Marshall University football team, its coaches, and several citizens crashed just short of the Tri-State Airport in Huntington, home of the university.

Everybody on board lost their lives, as most of the airplane's fuselage was disintegrated upon impact. The tragedy of the lost team and its subsequent re-birth was told in the film We are Marshall , starring Matthew McConaughey. Her achievement rocketed her to instant fame.

West Virginia History: A Journal of Regional Studies

As a result, she was named Sports Illustrated Sportswoman of the Year and became the first female spokesperson for Wheaties cereal. National Archives and Records Administration. On January 2, , an oil tank holding 3. The spill quickly spread into the Ohio River, ultimately affecting 3 states, including West Virginia. Dubbed the "Storm of the Century," which formed in the Gulf Of Mexico, this storm ultimately stretched all the way from Canada to Honduras. The Continental Congress ignored the petition along with another plea in to make Westsylvania the 14th state.

In , land speculators attempted to establish a colony called Vandalia on much of the same footprint as Westsylvania. While city dwellers began to receive free mail delivery in , the same was not true for the majority of Americans who lived in rural areas.

West Virginia - History and Heritage

Farm families needed to travel to distant post offices to retrieve their mail or hire private companies to deliver. For 30 years, West Virginia was home to a top-secret bunker for Congress to use in case of a nuclear war. During the height of the Cold War in , a top-secret project began to construct a bunker feet beneath The Greenbrier resort in White Sulphur Springs.

The bunker opened in and remained on constant alert as a nuclear fallout shelter and emergency relocation facility for the U.

Learn about the rich history, language and culture in West Virginia

After the Washington Post revealed the secret in , the bunker was decommissioned and is now open for public tours. His youngest brother Charles moved to western Virginia and in built an estate called Happy Retreat, out of which he set aside 80 acres for the creation of Charles Town, which was founded in and named in his honor.

George Washington himself surveyed the lands of western Virginia as a youth and purchased land along the Bullskin Run in present-day Berkeley County. There she announced her idea to establish a national day of honor for all mothers. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us!